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Breed-Specific Anesthesia | Clinician’s Brief

Breed-Specific Anesthesia | Clinician’s Brief

The NAVC Clinician’s Brief just published a helpful article on breed-specific anesthesia risks, which is well worth reading. The article provides a good overview of anesthesia issues and concerns by dog breed or size, including a helpful checklist of recommendations for protocols to use, not use and watch-outs.  Both are good resources for you to review prior to any surgery involving anesthesia. I would also recommend walking through these recommendations with your vet, along with the AAHA anesthesia guidelines and the ACVA anesthesia monitoring guidelines, prior to your dog’s surgery. It’s important to let your vet know that you are informed and involved in your pet’s care. It never hurts to remind them of breed-specific risks and recommendations, and the good vets will welcome your involvement, not resent it!

The link to the full article on the Clinician’s Brief Web site is here: http://www.cliniciansbrief.com//column/taxonomy/term/23406/breed-specific-anesthesia


  1. Will they let us on if we are not a professional? The form to register is daunting!

    • I’m not a professional vet, and I was able to read and subscribe to the site. So, you should be able to get on and read the full article. If not, let me know, and I’ll post the article in full, but I would prefer to send readers to the original site that developed the content (which is only fair). Let me know if you have problems. Thanks for the comment!

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